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What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about how companies make their profits; it implies a systemic change in the market economy. CSR is often perceived as a public relation tool, to clean or wipe or (Greenwash) out the image of a company to make it more appealing and more aware to the society. The truth is that it requires a system of deontological values and a real commitment from the whole company, from top management to employees and suppliers. Social and ecological criteria must be taken in consideration; as well as the treatment of employees, organization of the production process, products, services offered and responsible practices of suppliers.

In other words, Enterprises have to assume its role not only as economic actors but also as moral actors of the environment.  This is very precise video which explains what the CSR is. I hope you enjoy it and learn as much as I did.

Have you ever worked with the CSR in any related issues? If so, tell us how it was. It would be very interesting to know your experience.


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