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Journalism led me into the communication and public relations field.

I have always been curious; I always need to know all about everything that is going on around me. I have explored several other fields such as travel agency administration, economy, marketing,( SEO-SEA) and above all public relations and a communication, which is the area I have chosen to develop my career.

The first time I worked for a press office ten years ago, I swore to myself that I would not do it again. Journalism was my vocation at the time and I could not see myself “manipulating information”. I want to work for truth and nothing but the truth. I have collaborated for Mexican newspapers and radios until I moved to Spain to study for six months. I actually ended up staying there for seven years.

I had the privilege of working at a place with endless amount s of resources in the communication department at Telefonica and then in a PR Agency. I have also learnt that even though the same language is spoken in Mexico and in Spain, however addressing messages and targeting public was completely different.

Valeria RamírezLearning how to communicate in a different cultural context was a great experience and now I am luckily happy to say that I am living something similar in Paris. In this website I only would like to share reflections and thought abou thist new adventure. I must excuse myself due to my English which is not perfect but I hope it will be understandable enough to transmit main ideas, to exchange and test out. We both are here to better understand this multicultural world.

Would you like to join me?

If you wish further information about my career, don’t hesitate to look at my professional profile, to send me an e-mailtweet, o to follow the conversation at the Facebook page.

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